Check the transfer list of your FUT, there is one card or more cards selling on the market, that's the reason why you missed coins. After the cards get sold, you will get the full amount of coins you bought.

If the cards are expired and unsold, you can relist it by yourself.

1. Go to contact customer service and check the cheapest price of the market in your FUT games.

2. Show us a picture of the cheapest one. Then relist your unsold player 10k cheaper than the cheapest one.

3. After it was sold (it's easy to be sold ), you can contact us again and we will fix the coins you missed.

If you don't want to relist it by yourself, you can let us know, we will log back in your account to operate those steps and relist the cards. Please dont feel anxious when you see it, we will solve the problem for you.

You can watch the Video to learn about it: